Portland, OR | Winter - Spring 2015

Rendering of SE Market Entrance

Rendering of Family Courtyard

Rendering of NE Market Entry

Bird's Eye Rendering of the Village

Rendering of Site from Above

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor Plan

Site Section: North-South

Site Section: East-West thru Market

Site Section: East-West thru Parking

Revit Sheet with Site Information

1-BR Unit Plans + Axon

2-BR Unit Plans + Axon

3-BR Unit Plans + Axon

Typical Unit Section

Revit Sheet with Unit Information

Detail Section at Window Sill

Detail Section at Window to Wall

Process: Rowhouse Typology

Process: Two-Story Units

Process: Typical Unit Section

Process: Typical Unit Plans

Process: Interior View

Process: Interior View

Process: PassiveHouse Enclosure

Process: Wall Assembly

Process: Bird's Eye Rendering

Process: Site Section Study

Process: Sequential Sections

Process: Market Panorama

Process: Market Perspective

Process: Sketches of Room Sections

Process: Qualities of Sunrooms

Process: Qualities of Communal Rooms

Process: Qualities of Private Rooms

Process: Environmental Strategies

Process: Section of Room Types

Process: Section of Room Types

Process: Summary of Ideal Section

Process: Room Adjacencies

Process: Room Adjacencies

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